When a death occurs

The death of a loved one comes as a great shock to us all, and unfortunately most of us will be confronted with the immense task of having to deal with making the funeral arrangements at some point in our lives.

Upon your first call, it is our policy to take complete responsibility for all arrangements in order that the relatives have no more worry than is absolutely necessary at this difficult time.

If the death occurs at home, or in a rest home, the doctor must first be notified. He will sign the necessary certificate to allow the removal of the deceased to take place. Our staff are on call 24 hours a day to take care of this duty.

If the death occurs in hospital, a doctor there will sign the certificate. Please contact us to make an appointment to see you.

If a doctor is unable to issue a certificate then the Coroner will be informed. He may order a post mortem, and even schedule an inquest if necessary. The Coroner’s permission is required to carry on with the funeral. A death must be registered in the district in which it occurred, usually within 5 days, and normally before the funeral can take place.

The Registrar will require the Death Certificate from the Doctor or Coroner as well as the Birth Certificate, Medical Card, Marriage Certificate for the deceased. The Registrar will then issue documents authorising the burial or cremation which we will require, Copies of the entry in the Register can be purchased for legal and insurance purposes.

If the deceased has a Solicitor, contact him or her as soon as possible. If not, check whether the deceased has made a Will. If no Will can be traced it may be advisable to see a Solicitor.

Notify any Insurance Company with whom the deceased has a policy. Please remember, if you drive a car insured in the name of the deceased you will be no longer covered. Bank Accounts and all other assets will normally be frozen, however, it may be possible to make an interim arrangement. Any cards and NHS equipment should be returned to the place of issue.

If you are responsible for arranging a funeral and you receive Income Support or Housing Benefit, you may be eligible for a funeral payment from the Social Fund. To find out more about this contact the local DWP Office.